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I thirst

I thirst for things that cannot be quenched.
I thirst to find them all around the place.
I roamed and roamed and got no trace
and now here I am, having a conversation with Him.
He said, “Come to all ye faithful servants, tell me thy yearnings, I will heal thoseĀ 
and give you everlasting love.
I said, “I thirst Oh God.” And he asked, “What do you thirst for?”
Honestly, with shaking voice I said..
I thirst for the love of my family and friends
I thirst for acceptance, please hear me pray
I thirst for a life full of happiness and no shed of tears
I thirst for genuine laughs and sweetest smiles to wear.
I thirst for freedom, that is guided by your reverence.
I thirst for understanding and for Equality.
I thirst for a simple life that is peaceful and bountiful.
I thirst for your divinity please make me feel you’re always there.
He looks at me with His merciful eyes and there’s healing suddenly surrounding the room.
I cried and hugged Him.
“For I know that everyone’s looking for so many things.
Yet I am striving to carry all of your cross, one by one.” He said.
I asked Him, ” If you’re carrying our cross of calvary, Why does it take me so long
to feel your presence?”
He hypnotically touched my face and with a small touch of his fingers on my face
my eyes were awakened.
He answered, “There are billions of you, my dear.
I apologize that it took me so long to carry yours.
Let me plant patience into your soul.
I want you to water it with perseverance
to grow. Only then, Humans can truly understand what it takes to repent on their sins.

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