Truth of lies, lies of truth.

M1: Who are you? Where am I?
M2: Your time has come.
M1: Am I dead?
M2: Follow me, I should take you now.
M1: Wait. You did not answer my question. Who are you?
M2: Stop asking questions. Trust me. I won’t harm you.
M1: Are you God? Am I in heaven?
M2: Why do you ask?
M1: But you’re not possibly God.
M2: Why? Because you don’t believe in God?
M1: I’m not the only one.
M2: I know. I can see all of you from up here.
M1: Convince me that you are God, only then I’ll follow you.
M2: How would you believe that I am when you don’t even believe that there is?
M1: I have so many things to ask you if you are God.
M2: I have to take you to my place. Come with my son.
M1: So are you God, aren’t you?
M2: You ask too many questions but do not seek answers on the right place. When no answers are given, you’ll just give up and say that I’m not true.
M1: Right place? Do you mean the church? Churches are built by humans and your teachings were interpreted by humans too. The Bible was written by your disciples, your followers who in the end betrayed you. How can expect us to believe in the words of your servants when they don’t really follow what they teach?
M2: Their faith was tested but because I am stronger than their doubts, they came back to me.
M1: If you are true, why are you not doing anything for your people? Why did you make me suffer? Why did you take my life so early? In the end, people are still saying that you’re going to judge us all.
M2: Let me clear that to you. I am the one who is under your judgment… everyday.
M1: Why are you watching us suffer when you can help? Why do you love giving us hardships?
M2: One of my greatest gifts to humanity is free will. You are free to decide on things. Your miseries are the outcomes of those decisions. I shouldn’t be blamed for that. I died to free you from sins. I was nailed at the cross, I perspired blood, I was mocked, I was sacrificed by my own father… all of these were for you. I’m willing to die a hundred times just to save you but what’s really killing me is the fact that you’re gradually walking away from me.
M1: Do you want us to believe in something unexplainable?
M2: Do you have a choice?
M1: Do you want us to believe in something we cannot see? Do you want us to believe that through faith we can be saved even though that faith causes conflict among us? Do you want us to believe that our lives are in the hands of someone we haven’t seen?
M2: Truth is not often visible. You just have to believe because some things can’t be explained by science. They are just felt by your heart.
M1: I’m telling you this because I’m looking at the truth laid before my eyes: people who were killed, cities that were burnt, civilizations that were destroyed – all of these because of your name!
M2: I didn’t ask you to do that. You were the one who did that to yourselves.
M1: I don’t understand why we should need you. I don’t understand why we should believe in you.
M2: But you believe in lucky numbers, in saints, in crying statues, in trees…
M1: Because you’re not here
M2: Why should you look for me when you don’t even believe that I exist?
M1: Are you God?
M2: Are we not yet done with that?
M1: Please answer me.
M2: Yes, I am God.
M1: ————–
M2: Why are you silent?
M1: You are Satan!
M2: You are unbelievable. I am God.
M1: What if you’re Satan? God neither announces nor introduces himself. You must be Satan.
M2: It’s so easy to know the king of lies. He’s near to those who are far from God. He won’t come to you without wanting something and we won’t leave you until he gets what he wants.
M1: I’ve seen this in movies. You’re just trying me! You’re Satan!
M2: You hardly believe that I am God but you easily believe that I am Satan.
M1: Because I’m confused
M2: Is that why it’s so easy for you to find fault than goodness? Are you one of those who tries to manipulate the truth until it’ll suit and satisfy their personal interests?
M1: I don’t care about those people. Let them argue about the right rest day, the clean and unclean foods, celibacy of the priests and nuns, the truthfulness of Christmas and everything our religion taught us about God and his teachings.
M2: Religions will not save you. At the end of the day, your gods only refer to one person. You only worship differently.
M1: Then, who really are you?
M2: As I said, it will boil down to your judgment. You decide whether you’ll come with me or not. You are being challenged by your own limitations – by things you want and don’t want to believe. Your faith will dictate your destiny… that is if you believe in something as of the moment.

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