Hope Love

To the Other Woman


You think you should be proud
because you’ve got what’s mine,
because you have him and I have no one,
because he chose you over me?

You think you should be happy
because my heart is broken,
because you think I’m a loser,
because I look stupid?

You think you should be pleased
because he makes you happy,
because he loves you more than you do,
because he said he’d marry you?

Woman how sure are you
that he won’t leave you for the other woman,
that you’re the only one in his life,
that he’ll fulfill his promises to you?

Have you forgotten
that he said sweet promises to me too,
that he loved me too,
that he married me?

I must tell you then:
You are not the first other women.
One day, when he’s done with you,
he’ll still come home to me
and you’ll still be the loser in the end…
so you should know your place.

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