Hapiness & Contentment

Always the second best


Life is often likened to a movie. As one goes through the motions of life, different genres (comedy, drama, action, etc.) emerge to create a multi-hued act. However, what if in your own life story you’re not the lead star? What if you’re not the priority of your own world (director)? Would you accept the idea of being just a second option?

To be part of someone’s life is gratifying but you’re not able to experience that because you have to deal with the crippling pain of being someone’s second choice. For so long, you’ve been getting the courage of saying “I love you” first only to realize it won’t be reciprocated. Those words weren’t for you; they were tendered to someone else. You were there for him, all the time but in the end, you weren’t chosen.

You have given so much of yourself to people hoping that you’ll get something in return. It’s still the same, your efforts are welcomed but unappreciated. Every time you look through the memories of loved ones, you only see very little of yourself in there. You’ve always wanted to be a part of their lives, to applaud when they succeed and to encourage when they stumble. Your presence is evident but unfelt.

Throughout your existence, you believed that you are a “good enough” person. Until the dawn of struggling to become someone else gave rays of hope. You strive to fit in, to belong and to connect. You changed your behavior, your character just to go with their fancies. You refuse to settle with being you because nobody chooses you first. You are that somebody who is labeled as excellent but is always outstripped. You were there, almost making it but not enough to win.

At the end of the day, you must ask yourself, “Am I happy?” “Am I doing the right thing?” Well dear, let me tell you: Stop blaming yourself for not being good enough. You’re not alone for being a second option, second best. The feeling of “I belong” is not everything. Do not push yourself to people, don’t try hard. Let them choose you for who you are and what you can do. If you’re not their priority, then make it your priority to accept yourself – your imperfections, your flaws, your capabilities, your skills. You’re good enough. It’s just that people have different standards, different tastes, and different judgment.

Choose your own happiness and live by it.

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