Hope Love

To my Beloved


Greetings to you my secret lover!
I am writing you this letter
although inside I do wonder
Why am I holding this crumpled piece of paper?
The black ink that I used was like sadness because of your absence.
It helped me to be poetic and emotional as I cry out everything through this pen.
Don’t mind the font or style I used;
they’re only appetizers and not the main course.
I won’t have much introduction
I know how much you psych my intention.
no need for more talk, I’m sure you want less
but know that for always, all I want is your best.
what label should I carry for the salutation?
Would you let me put an end quote, your inspiration?
Smile on your face, red blushes on my cheeks 
 Shyness now comes
but for you and only for you 
my one and only you
I’ll keep writing my heart out 
with each letter that has vowels and consonants
I’ll write and spell them out
now listen and please hear them out
I always L.O.V.E you
That’s true! I do still
Since the very first day, we fell in love
until the last day we had our fight
I’ll never gonna go and part.
amidst all the shakes we’ve been through
Just stay with me, my beloved.

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