Family Love

When is enough, enough?

You know that you’re supposed to leave but the remaining part of you tells you to hold on. You know that you’re supposed to move on but you’re still at the verge of hoping – that one day there will be a change of heart. You know you’re not anymore his love but the selfish part of you still wants him so much. You know you’re supposed to leave the place because you’re no longer a part of it, but the will towards staying and waiting is strong. The doors have been slummed to you a thousand times but your heart is still open for him. You know that you must let go but you’re too afraid of the thought that he’ll no longer be a part of your life. You know you have enough legal reasons to fight for but it’s just a piece of paper because the truth is you’re not in his heart anymore. You know that he has other woman but you’re still pushing yourself to him hoping that everything will be fixed. Yes, you are a married woman trapped in a failing marriage.

The institution of marriage has been continuously weakened by tragic events and circumstances. Infidelity, the most common cause of separation still endangers the covenant of human love. It gnaws the vital fabric of the matrimonial relationship, leaving traumatic anguish between estranged partners. Marriage is sacred, yes, but what if you’re no longer happy? What if you don’t deserve to protect that sanctity? What if it has become a lifetime of betrayal and pretensions? What if it has become emotionally abusive especially to the children as they internalize the strife between their parents? Are you willing to raise your children with the belief that you’re still happy and in love? Within the framework of our freedom, is this kind of marriage still worth fighting for?

Divorce, annulment or whatever means of marriage nullification is not an easy process. The loss of “what could have been” and giving up on happily ever after are crucial turning points that must be overcome. The fear of having a broken family will surely come into your mind, for the children’s sake. The question is, are you prepared enough when your children will condemn you for lying to them all throughout their life? Until when are you going to teach and show them the wrong concept of love (between man and woman)? Filing a divorce is not a tragedy. The real tragedy is staying in an unhappy marriage. You must find the courage to let go of the things you cannot change. Stop finding excuses and reasons to stay. Moreover, you shouldn’t ask for others’ approval because they’re not on your shoes. People will have everything to say about you but they don’t understand your struggles. Most importantly, do not ask for healing from the mercy of those who broke you. You’ve done your part, isn’t it enough?

Nobody died of divorce but others have died due to physical abuse and emotional torture within a marital relationship. Do yourself a favor because you’ve had enough. You deserve peace. You’ve stood by the wrong decisions you’ve made in your life. Why not do it for the right ones?

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