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Last Letter to Maria

Dearest Maria,
Forgive me if I left you that day without any explanation. I’m sorry for not telling you the reasons behind my leaving. I just wanted to protect you, our child, our family. You know how much I miss you, badly needed you by my side yet I had no choice but to distance myself with our family. I wrote this letter to tell the reasons why I left that day.

I was a runner of illegal drugs before I met you. I belong to a drug syndicate that pushed drugs nearby the city. I’m used to my job and my own way of living for so many years. Money was the only thing for my happiness. But those days changed when I met you along the way. I never imagined someone like you would love me. You brought colors on my plain world and I found love in you unexpectedly. I had no longer have a family way back then and you simply showed me how to be love in a way I couldn’t imagine. I promised that day I would change my life for you and start a new beginning.

I had teary eyes when you told me about your pregnancy. My heart was filled with joy for I never experienced to have a family. My family was killed when I was a child. My uncle raised me and he was the one who pushed me to be a drug dealer. I owed my life to him yet he never treated me as his own blood. My life then has no direction until you came and brought light to my life. You awaken the hope inside of me and changed my perception towards life. I’m ready to embrace my new life with you on that moment but then the shadow of my past keeps haunting me.

I was convicted a year after I left you home. I was sentenced to life imprisonment for being a drug dealer. Somehow, Maria & I was at ease knowing you in the good hands with your mother in the province. I’m sorry for keeping a secret with you and I don’t want you to be troubled so I decided to leave you and our baby. I left you money under our bed and use it to support the needs of our child. I don’t know if I could go out alive from this jail.  My life is in danger right now and one day I might be found dead inside in this four corners.

As you read this Maria, please remember that I’m so happy meeting you in my life. Forgive me for all of my shortcomings and I love you with all of my heart. This might be my first and last letter to you, my love. How I wish I could change the situation that I have but I can’t do anything about it. I’m glad I’ve shared lots of sweet memories with you and I will treasure it for the rest of my life. Please don’t forget me Maria and I love you until the end of time.

Yours truly,

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