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The Fugitive

I was sentenced for the crime I didn’t make 5 years ago. I was imprisoned even there’s no evidence against me and that was the sad part. They accused me of killing the son of a well-known tycoon without any proof. The victim was killed near our street and I was walking my way home when that incident happened. I heard several gunshots and I was terribly horrified from what I saw with my own eyes. The young man was bathing with his own blood. I saw and knew who killed him but it was me who took the blame and charge for the crime.

No wonder money has the power to change the impossible to possible. I tried to defend myself in the court and insisted I was innocent in the said crime. The court didn’t believe my statement and I had no witness to testify for my case. I was then sentenced for life imprisonment for the crime I didn’t commit. The judge favored the killer and it should be him that must be put into jail and not me. I guess the court was blind or probably their integrity and dignity were paid by a huge amount of money. I knew the mastermind of the crime and he was inside the court. He came from a well -known family and their influence were strong enough to change the whole story about the crime. What can I do then? I only came from a poor family and they are powerful and had the money to pay the authority. Justice system in the country was crap as I thought.

I was sent to jail and I never imagined my life there. The place has dried my whole being and I was being beaten by other prisoners. The jail was pure hell as I encountered some well-known killers and murderers in our city. I couldn’t longer stay in this nightmare and I should go out here as soon as possible. An escape was the way that I knew. I set a plan for my escape and luck was on my side. The number of prisoners inside the city jail was too much from its capacity. The chief police of the station ordered his men to transfer the other prisoners to the province and I belonged to the group. My plan was set and I’m ready for the escape together with a new friend.

The weather was gloomy and the sun seemed not in the mood as we traveled our way to the province. We were being accustomed by the four police officers inside the mobile. I told my new friend to give signals if he’s ready to take the action for the escape. He punched with two hands the face of one officer while I kicked the other police between his legs. Tension rises inside the car as the other prisoners did the same actions. The mobile car stopped in the middle of the road as the officers trying to stop the altercation. I took the opportunity for the escape when a door opened and I ran as fast as I could towards the mountain. My new friend did the same thing and he immediately followed me. Finally, after a long time, we’re finally out from the suffocation of being a prisoner.

I don’t know what’s next after the escape and one thing is for sure: we are fugitives in the eyes of the people. We stayed in the mountain for almost a year and life there was peaceful yet we’re still longing for the presence of our family. I badly miss my family and I want to live my life like I used to do before. We chose to go down from the mountain and decided to travel our way home. I knew the situation was perilous but I gambled for I wanted to go home. We parted our ways as we reached the downside of the mountain. I’ll never forget such a new friend of mine for we were in the same situation. I walked my way home as night began to fall.

The dawn is breaking as my eyes finally awaken by the familiar ceiling at the top. My mother handed me a cup of coffee with a smile on her face. I really miss this moment like I used to do before I was imprisoned. I never put aside the tendency that one day the authorities will find me here at my home yet somehow, I find hope a case against me will be dismissed as a witness volunteer to testify against the real killer. Someone saw the whole crime way back when the son of a well-known tycoon was killed 5 years ago. She was afraid to testify against the real killer for her security but then my mother pursued her, to tell the truth inside the court.

It is true then that the truth will set you free. I am not guilty of the said crime and the real mastermind of that killing was finally convicted. The witness’ testimony and the evidence that was being recovered from the crime pointed towards the real suspect. Finally, after a year of being a fugitive, I am now free from the crime that I didn’t make. Justice indeed will prevail its way as long as someone will be brave enough, to tell the truth. I adore the act of bravery that the witness showed inside the court. No doubt if all of us will be vigilant and brave enough to tell what’s true, justice will simply be given fairly in our society. Yet still, some people use power and money to deceive and destroy the fairness of justice in our country. The sad part of our society nowadays is that we are blinded by lies; power and money are more important, dignity and integrity has no longer have a value in the eyes of some people.

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