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The Last Sunset


“I love you every now and then. I love you until the end of time.” Irish close her eyes as she listens to the voice of Luka. His husky voice echoes deep within her soul as they watch the sunset on the top of the hill. She holds his hands tightly and hugs him like nothing could separate them forever.

Hi! would you mind if I sit beside you? “Aah sure.” Irish nodded as a stranger sit beside her. The guy is new to a school and she heard he was a transferee. “Ahm Luka, my name is Luka and you are”? The stranger bends his hand towards her. Irish was a little bit surprised by the approach of the stranger. “Hmm, Irish Silvaro” she responded as she reaches her hands towards the new guy. If I’m not mistaken you’re the transferee in our school? “Aah yes, I just transfer here last Friday,” Luka replied. No wonder all eyes are focused on you ‘coz you’re a newcomer in the campus. Luka just smiles at her agreeing from what she said.

Luka and Irish became friends on that day. He found a new friend in his new school and he was happy about it. He transferred here to Serene Academic School because of family matters. His parents got separated a year ago and his Mom wanted him to study in her alma mater. Luka and his mother came back from their hometown after so many years. He was happy to be back in his grown-up town but somehow sadness had always been following him since the day his parents got separated. He remembers the good things that he shared with his Dad, but a part of his heart was hurt when his Dad chose to break his mother’s love. Those days were the hardest for him for he wanted to keep the marriage of his parents but her Mom refused and let go.

Days, months, and years had passed, the friendship of Luka and Irish became stronger. They are open to each other and comfortable for being together all the time. Luka courted her and after a month of courtship Irish accepted his love. Their relationship became stronger as time passed by. Their parents were very supportive in their relationship that made Luka plan a proposal. He was sure that finally, he found the woman that he wanted to marry–until a day came Irish was diagnosed with a stage 4 cancer. Luka was in awe as he heard this from Irish’ mother.

Luka couldn’t believe that his girlfriend had a stage 4 cancer. His world shattered that moment as tears fell from his eyes. In a blink of an eye, his happiness has turned into sadness. The doctor told them that Irish had only 1 month left. He couldn’t believe the situation that he was facing right now. Many questions ran from his mind at that moment. His plan for the future was suddenly abrupt as he stared at her with teary eyes. The pain that Irish feels cut his heart and he couldn’t do anything about her situation.

Luka kisses her forehead as she watches the sunset across the ocean. They are sitting on a top of a hill where they can see the wide ocean of Asiana. He brought Irish here because of her desire to see the sunset until her last breath. “I love you Luka and I’ll always be forever grateful about you.” as she finally closed her eyes and bid goodbye to Luka. Luka knew this moment would come and now his heart bleeds as he watches her no longer breathing. He stare at the sunset as tears never stop falling from his eyes. He never imagine their love story would end this way.

After three years of moving on from Irish’ death, Luka finally heals his broken heart. He has finally moved on from the pain of losing her. Those three years changed him a lot. He came to a point where he wanted to end his own life but realizations hit him and it’s not the end of the world for him. He changed himself for a better as acceptance help him to forget his past. His journey never ends here and life must go on without her. He continued his journey in life together with his mother at his side. He chose to remain single and be contented with his life as a doctor. He is now happy being single and happiness indeed is a choice.

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