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My mother was killed when I was nine years of age. She was a widow and the only one that raised us until she was gone. At a young age, my innocent mind was opened upon a realization about the ways of life. I have three younger siblings and I have no choice but to raise them with my own way. We had no longer have a parent to support us and the responsibility lies between my own hands. The future of my siblings depends on me now.

At the age of ten, I gambled when I entered an unknown business. A stranger once approached and asked me if I could be a courier of his products. Without a doubt, I accepted his offer for money purposes, for the sake of my younger siblings. I didn’t finish my studies way back then due to poverty and so I grabbed the opportunity. I wasted no time in accepting the unknown job without any hesitation.

The job was new to me. I didn’t have any idea what would it be like. My new boss handed me a sachet with a white substance inside of it. The white substance looked similar to sugar and salt. I asked him about the product and he just told me not to ask any questions but my job was to deliver it with his clients. I don’t further ask any questions and I just followed his instructions. I disposed the products to his clients and afterward, I received the money. I’m so happy that time when I received a money to support the needs of my brother and sisters. The job seemed too easy as I thought.

After a week my boss approached me to deliver more products to his customers. These time the number of sachets was doubled compared to the first transaction. He handed me the unknown products and I’m still wondering about these white substance or chemicals inside the sachets. It was quite intriguing and mysterious. Imagined the single sachet is too expensive to buy. The prize of it cost thousands but still the client’s eagerness to buy never subside.

For almost six years I’m used to this job. I earned money without hard labor and the only thing that I need to do was to dispose of the products. I have done my job easily but those questions that I asked before about my work was finally enlightened when a friend told about the drugs. The products that I delivered to the customers of my boss are illegal drugs. Those color white substance or chemicals inside the sachets are called “shabu and cocaine.” My innocent mind was finally awakened as I realized my job was illegal and perilous. I began to question myself that day if should continue the kind of job that I have.

After all the years of disposing of those products, I finally found out that my work was against the law. I quit my job and did not come back to my boss. I look for a decent job to sustain the needs of my siblings. A friend offered me work at the bakery and I accepted his offer. I forgot the illegal job that I used to do before. I’m happy and contented at my work as of now knowing it’s not against the law.

A police mobile stops in front of our house. The uniformed personnel is looking for me. They knock at our door and one of my sisters open it. I was arrested for carrying illegal drugs before or also known as “drug courier.” I testified against my old boss and he was put into jail. I was not imprisoned for I was a minor, instead, they sent me to a rehabilitation center. I was released a week after the debriefing. I went home and continued my work as a baker in my friend’s bakery.

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