Again and Again

A lifetime ago, there wasn’t you.
Everything was just a vacuum –
just nothingness beneath nothingness.
When your shadow introduced itself,
I was reacquainted with hope.
It was then happiness that dwelt within –
a bizarre feeling I was deprived of.
You’ve shown life outside my world,
More beautiful than any soul.
Should I be thankful then?

Men of my time chose to go away
taking with them my sanity.
You swore that you’re different,
that your emotions were real.
I’ve clung to your words
and went away with you.
Darkness never said a word
and carefully watched us disappear.

In the end, after my love was reawakened
you turned out worst than them.
Now, let me ask you:
Why take me out of the dark
and bring me to light
when you’ll just leave me hanging on?

Let me tell you this:
Darkness never promised anything
but he’s the only one who stayed
when everyone left me behind.
The maxim must be true then:
In love, the one who’s always there
will be always left alone
when somebody who’s better comes…

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