Adulthood Life


“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

When we were young, we often hear that kind of question. Naturally, we were quick to give our answer. As a child, we believed that everything belonged to us. We even owned the stars and imagined that they only shone for us. We asked for questions without hesitations. We dreamed of whatever our imaginative mind could reach. Our mistakes were forgivable, our longings were mendable and our pain was understandable. If you are to recount your days when you were still a child, would you still like to go back to that time?

Given the “immaturity” as a child, we recognized the world as a beautiful place, almost free from any blemishes. You see, beauty for us was all about perfection, and if there was any blemish, it can only be patched. We see the goodness in people around us, and we believed that goodness is innate. Our faith was stronger than the doubts of skeptics. As far as a religious concept was concerned, we were taught that the Church serves as a formidable institution of values-laden individuals and teachings. But, what happened to us when we were growing up?

As time went by, various realizations are taken into consideration. Nobody told us that when we grow up, everything will change. Our perspective about the world and people has drastically transformed into clouds of confusions and doubts. We are greatly overwhelmed by the realities of life, far different from what we were oriented as a child. We weren’t ready for the responsibilities of adulthood. A lot of questions continue to arise while we are still finding for our lost selves. Until then, the world became different.

Our point of views became wider but our understanding became narrower. Giving way to others is quite suffocating. We got used to special treatment (our needs were immediately tended). We usually have what we asked for but now, we have to work hard for everything we ask. As a child, we knew that honesty is a virtue but as adult lying is sometimes imperative. Forgiveness is easier for a child but for adults it takes time. Before,we are our parents’ responsibility but today, they are ours.

Time flies. Yesterday, we were just like a child – innocent and free. As days go by, we’re getting older (whether we like it or not) and relative to that reality of life is the broadness of responsibility and limitations of freedom that we have to embrace. We are not going to be a child forever, dear. We have to face the various phases of life for the sake of growth. We have to accept the fact that we are not going to stay in the same place throughout our existence. The purpose of change, therefore, is not about how valuable you will become but how brave you have to be.

The question is, “Are you prepared enough for the changes that are yet to unfold?”

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