Love Reminiscence

Far Away

I still remember those moments when our eyes met, staring and searching for something behind those looks. I still remember those moments when I held your hands with mine, your soft hands made mine to hold it tighter. I’m always wondering what’s the feeling when I hold your hands forever. I paused on a while when you caught me staring at you for too long and you simply smile. Those smiles always stay in my mind every time I closed my eyes. Those smiles are painted in the wall of mind.

I don’t know how to say this but every time you’re around my heart jumps the moment you start talking with me. I’m always looking forward to being with you all the time. I’m waiting for that day, I’m waiting for that moment to come. I told myself I’ll wait for you no matter how long it will take, but to my dismay, you shut the door that connects between us. I’m still hopeful you’ll change your mind one day, but those hopes of mine slowly die as you totally closed the door and built a wall from time to time.  I tried to convince myself somehow maybe some things are not meant to be right now, maybe time will find its way.

How ironic this life could be,  we’re too close yet you’re too far to reach. You’re one step behind me but the walls you built are strong enough to be broken. We’re too close but the only thing that I could do is to stare at you every time. Funny how life acts sometimes, but I guess that’s how life works. We often question this, we seldom complain about it but in the end, these instances surely have a purpose.

I’m still in awe as I realized that some scenarios in the dramas or movies really happens in true life. This may look weird, but the setting and instances really exist in our lives and the lessons that we learned from this probably strengthen and molded our character to be better as we continue to live our life. Everything happens for a reason and everything will be in place at its time according to the will of the author of life.

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