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Against the Odds


Why is it that it’s so easy for others to get what they want?

Life is like a wheel they say. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down but there are moments that you feel you’ve been stuck down there. You know you have to do something to get out. Then, you started striving to achieve your goals but as you climb to the top others have already surpassed you. They are already on top, some without even exerting effort. Life is unfair, you say. You know you worked hard but others have reaped success so easily. Your friends will tell you not to compare your life with others because you might become vain, but you can’t help. In the end, the truth remains that you are left behind.

Others have said that no one can stop you from pursuing what you want, but the reality isn’t like that. Certain circumstances play a lion share in making decisions. For those who are financially unstable, they have to carry the burden of getting a better job that pays well. The call for practicality must be considered first before fulfilling their dreams. On the other hand, for those who are well-off might have a higher chance of realizing their dream. However, there are still those whose fate was already drawn before they were born, leaving them with no option but to follow what’s being laid on the table. Whether rich or poor, the faces of life are still the same.

Yes, dreams are still limitless but opportunities aren’t. It’s also true that everyone is given a variety of choices but not everyone is given the chance to choose what they really want among the choices. We have to accept it, life is unfair to everyone. Others have easily become what they wanted to be while others are still struggling and in between, there are still who are uncertain about themselves and their plans for their future.

Consider yourself blessed if you are the person you’ve been dreaming to be. One thing must be put in mind though: just make sure you worked hard for it because others are asking for it too. Just make sure that you’re not there because of the influence of your family because others have the merit and qualifications worth that spot, they just don’t have the “name”. Success is well-savored if you know you worked hard for it.

This is for the people who chose to do the right thing despite the pain. This is for those who are battling against surrendering. This is for those whose dreams are not yet fulfilled. This is for those whose life is a mess, this is for those whose hard work is not yet paid off. This is for you, to let you know that you’re not alone.

Everything has an end. The right time will come and will definitely come. You will be freed from the bondage of unwanted choices and consequences. Waiting isn’t the language of fools; it is a sign of unsung bravery.

Please… just hang in there.

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