Worst Nightmare


You know him. You fear him.

Out in the dark you grasp for your breath. Your feet no matter how tired they are, never stop from moving. You run as fast as you could.

Someone is after you. There are many paths to choose from but all lead to darkness. You just go where feet take you. Any sound (aside from your heavy breathing) creates unfathomable fear. You’re not looking back because you might see his face and how fast he runs after you. Each step away from him, the fear escalates. You never liked seeing him. You know how powerful he is and he wants you.

You stumble. He’s just a step away from you. He offers his hands to help you stand; but, you know the moment you reach out to him you’re dead. You obviously need help but not from him. The desire to escape strengthens as he smiles. Your time has come.

You bow down as tears pour down. Courage has left you. Words don’t have the courage either to speak for you. You look up in the sky asking for Divine Providence but darkness continues to dominate. You gaze into his eyes hoping that you’ll find some pity but none is found, not even one emotion.

Surrender. An act you are unfamiliar with but something you must do now. You tell yourself that you’ll be fine because everyone has experienced this. By the time you’re finally aware that there’s no room for escape, he’s ready to take you.

Every day, his savage hand stretches throughout humanity. Every hour (sometimes gradually, sometimes suddenly) takes precious ones from our embrace, locking them in his dome where they can never be seen again. This “monstrous creature” is deaf to our appeals, apathetic to our sobs and blind to our tears. He comes in the evening cold and grim, in the morning warm and tender – without delay, always on his own time. When you face him you know he’s not after your begging words, he’s really after you alone. Then, your life will suddenly be flashed right before your eyes. A repertoire of evils committed and good omitted or vice versa. You know that this time will come but no matter how you said you’re ready, it’s more likely you’re not… and now you’re afraid.

A cliché statement says, “You only live once. You must make the best out of everything.” You’ve heard this many times but it only made sense the moment you encountered him.

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