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The Girl and Her Woes

The Girl and Her

The forest was high and the leaves were shattered grey. A young lady in blue eyes focused and slipped stealthily through the sun-dappled glade. Her supine body clad in a simple white dress, which reveals her innocence. Slowly, she crept into the bushes with a pearl white face when suddenly, “Aha! I caught you, wicked intruder!” A bachelor standing in 6 foot 3 inches surprised her. “What made you walk this far?” he asked. The young lady remains attentive staying unconscious to what his clamoring about. “Oh well then….my lady, let me introduce my name, I am the Prince of Madelaine, Prince Kendrick La Fartel.” he extended his warm cozy hand inviting her ice-cold hand for a warm welcoming gesture. The rest felt like an electric shock. The way he looks at her is like a boomerang. He is definitely a prince charming, a chivalric knight waiting for a damsel in distress.

Surely, that was a good way to fell in love, just like a fairytale that will always have a happy ending. “And they lived happily ever after.” But what the hell! Let’s get back to reality!


I was gifted with a creative yet playful mind. I don’t think that was a compliment because ever since I consider myself enrolled in having personality issues. In short, I am not a normal one. I am far more than a savaged girl. How did it all start? I don’t even know. I am just living a life that I don’t even know the purpose of. I just live because I am still breathing nothing more and nothing less. I am a freelance Editorial Assistant. I have been working in an advertising company for a year now and I’m planning to cut ties with them pretty this month.

I want to go on travel. I have been to Coron, Palawan last month so, I am planning to have Sorsogon the next place to hop in next month. Every day I am just breathing to sleep: to eat: to work: go to the beach: go on travel: smoke weeds: drink. That’s a routine. I am not a typical type of girl. I am fuckin’ 23 turning 24 and I am not perfect. I am not God. So, please don’t mind me. Some are draggin’ me to find a stable job and to start deciding a clear career path. Fuck them all! I do not want to be tied up to a long term contract where I cannot change my mind because I am a “changing machine”. I can change and, I will change my mind every single hour within a day.

I don’t want to be protected on failing because I don’t give a fuck about messing things up. Who cares? If there’s someone who does, then shut the fuck off! Bullshit! My parents have been bragging me to quit smoking weeds. I didn’t listen to them, my system needs at least two sticks all day and who the hell in this world says, it’s addictive? Ha! Ha! Ha! I think sex is more…..

12:00 am SmokeFreeZone Cafe and Lounge

I usually come here once in a week to relax my self away to non-toxic people who want to free themselves from secondhand smoking, “Hello, Shaye! ‘wanna have the usual one? “, the cafe’s manager greeted sarcastically as I always order their cafe mocha macchiato. “You’re such a crap jay! Offcourse I want the hard one.” He suddenly laugh and nursed me on the way to our lounge. Jay is my savage friend since college. He and my boyfriend are best of friends and I am coming over his place today because I needed something from him. “What?! C’mon shaye! Its been 5 years… What do you clearly want from Zack?” I suddenly look at Jay in confusement.

Yes, he is definitely right. Zack has his own family now and a couple of times did he told me to stop bothering him. But….. (phone ringing) “Hello? Who is this?” A girl answers the call, I am just fixing my composure when suddenly she hung up the phone and I heard a baby’s cry. “Hon! Can you check our baby’s feeding bottles for awhile?” I don’t know what emotion hits me after that. They’re a happy family now. He has established his own while me? Still up to chase him. I admit, I am a mistress and believe me if I say I never wanted to be one from the start, but He is the only man that I want to love.

Can I keep on loving him?

(Let’s see if this forbidden love will prosper or it will be forgotten as the moonlight embraces the dusk of dawn.)

To be continued…

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