Family Self Realizations


I embarked on my journey finding an antidote for my broken soul. I ventured many places, saw marvelous cities, and talked with different faces. I’ve listened to their stories searching for pertinent situations that could lighten my entity but found nothing. I continued my travel hoping to find some answers about a missing part of me. I stopped on every corner, talked with strangers, looked for some light within their eyes. I almost traveled the whole world yet no one could fill the missing part of me. After the long days of travel across the globe, I went home.

My mother welcomes me with a smile on her face. She hugs me tight with teary eyes. “I miss you my son, welcome home,” she said. The warmth of her approach made my heart melts. It’s been a long time since she hugs me this way and she seldom does this when I was young. The feeling is overwhelming and somehow I could feel peace in her arms. I feel safe and secure within her arms. I told her about my journey finding myself by traveling far from home. She just smiled and held my hands tightly. “My son I’m sorry I wasn’t able to talk to you the latter, me too still looking for answers and peace within my heart,” she said. I’m surprised by what I’ve heard after all both of us has the same situation. I hug her tight realizing how I wasted too much time searching for answers and peace from afar yet in the first place home is the missing part of my soul.

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