Journey Life Self Realizations

The Irony of Life

The Irony of
Life is not a race
but why are we running in a maze?
to where a fiery dungeon awaits
and a dancing dragon fluctuates.
We are in a hurry

We shovel success yet we bury
Sticks into bones
Skulls turn into ashes
All the fakes fled to the bushes.
Life is so tragic
but many think its like magic.

How sadness envelops
each time depression develops.
Life is not a fairytail
So why love like an old-tale.
lovers hearts are shattered
married couples are scattered.

Life is fair
for each time we live like we had a fare.
We buy everything that money can
except true happiness and extreme fun.
So tell me! Do we really need to hurry?
when all we can savor is the taste like fury.
living each day filled of worry
When is the last time you said, "I'm okay?"

Life is a drama
Yet people laugh as if they're viewing it in diorama.
Everyday there are some whose in trauma
Of how life stops its luck, like a comma.

How life seems to be ironic
is a masterpiece beyond, too scenic.
Humans as we are sometimes need to feel rhythmic
of how blessed we are amidst all life's frantic.

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