The Slaves of Bishiva

In 1989, the city of Bishiva was destroyed by the kingdom of Lumidaz. Many lives were taken by the invasion of King Lumi on this day. King Lumi summoned his men to burn the whole city of Bishiva. Some Bishivans luckily survived that assault but put into slavery. Slavery began when King Lumi dethroned his brother, King Jizra. He sabotaged his own brother for the sake of power and wealth. He killed his own brother and took his wife with him.

When King Lumi sat in the throne, things had changed so fast. He became a dictator of his own Kingdom and everyone was afraid of him. No can stop him, nor no one could resist his power and authority. The kingdom of Lumidaz was under his power and he can do whatever he wanted. The king pursuit to conquer the whole province of Nigatia, so he set a plan to invade the city of Lagsiy, Harim, Suriat and Bishiva. They had conquered the whole province of Nigatia in a short period of time.

The captured civilians were lucky to be alive but put into slavery. They dig all day for the sake of gold and diamonds. Some were assigned to cultivate the land for production of malt and rice while others were tasked to serve the palace of the King. These slaves were lucky to be alive and they could still live freely and if they could escape the kingdom of Lumidaz.

Kira, Rabi, Randel and Kiba are belonged to the city of Bishiva. They were the sons and daughters of a farmer named Romulo. Their mother died when they were young and only their father raised them. Romulo sacrificed his life to save his children from the invasion of King Lumi. He fought until his last breath for the city of Bishiva.

Kira the oldest in the four planned to escape. She was desperate to go out from his nightmare and so she made a plan. Kiba however, disagreed with her and he’s not coming with her. “Death awaits us if you try to escape”, said Kiba. The twins Rabi and Randel just remained silent in the corner. Kira, on the other hand, was determined to fulfill her plan to escape.

The four agreed to escape and they set a new plan. Kira knew the way to the back portion of the kingdom. She was tasked to serve the Queen and she was able to familiarize every corner of the palace. She discovered the secret passage of the kingdom when the Queen mentioned her about it. The plan was set and they’re ready to escape when midnight falls.

The darkness of the night favored the escape of the four. The moon was totally not in shape and they began to walk towards the secret passage. The plan was not as easy as they thought; the secret passage was guarded by two big men. Kira and Kiba silently crawled in the direction of two guards. Kira struck her knife at the leg of one guard and Kiba pointed his knife at the lower back of the other one. Both guards screamed in pain and the two moved swiftly to hit one more. The two guards collapsed on the ground and Kira stole the key and opened the gate. The four immediately ran and closed the gate.

The dawn was breaking and the four continued their escape, but the archers from the higher wall of the kingdom saw them and fired an arrow in their direction. Kira knew this at the very first place but their eagerness to escape was more important. They ran as fast as they could but Kira and Kiba hit by an arrow. Both screamed in pain. “Run! run for your life!” Kira shouted with teary eyes. The twins continued to run while crying. Kira and Kiba knew they could no longer survive because they were injured. The only thing that they could do was to stop the forces of King Lumi from hunting their younger siblings. Kira and Kiba fought until their last breath to save Rabi and Randel but sadly the two were still caught by the forces of Lumidaz. The two were sentenced to death.

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