Warrior of Bengua

Robby wipes his tears as he watches his best friend falling from the ravine. He tried to reach Dexter’s hand but it slips away because of blood from his own hands. He lost his best friend and he blames himself.
The blood still flows in his right arm as Robby reach the door of the house. The bleeding never stops but he doesn’t mind the pain. He washes the blood from his arms and binds it with a soft shirt to stop the bleeding. Robby is still in awe as he watches the darkness outside the window. He never imagines losing Dexter that day when the armed group of men ambush them in the road.

Robby and Dexter are both members of the special forces of Bengua. They treat each other as brothers. Robby has no family and the only family that he had is Dexter. Robby’s family was killed when he was five years old. The Maraga group massacred the town of Aurora 16 years ago. Many lives get including the family of Robby. On the other hand, Dexter’s family luckily survived that attack and they took Robby with them. Dexter’s mother raised Robby as her own and she treated him as her own son. They raised the young boy until Dexter’s family was ambush one day. Only Robby and Dexter survived that incident.

Robby and Dexter entered the survival training of the special forces of Bengua, a town near Aurora. Both studied and trained in survival and skills in combat. Both are eager to learn how to defend each other. Both wanted to give justice to their family. For almost five years Robby and Dexter are well trained. They finished their training and are well equipped to be deployed in the battle.

The town of Bengua proposed this project when the other towns are being attacked by the Maraga bandits. The special forces of Bengua were established to fight the Maraga group and to maintain the security of the town. Anyone can join the group to be trained to defend their town. Robby and Dexter determined to join this force and they never hesitate at the very first place.

Those flashbacks are still fresh in the mind of Robby as he stares at the blackness of the sky. The pain and guilt are still in his heart. The only thing that runs from his mind right now is vengeance. He wants justice for his family and Dexter. He takes a deep sigh and decided to enter his room. Robby closes his weary eyes and fell asleep.

Robby was awakened by the sound of the gun. He immediately gets up from his bed and looks for his weapon. He went outside and look search for a possible cause of gunshots. One of his fellow Benguanian approach and told him that they are being attacked by the Maraga bandits. Robby wasted no time and went to see his troops to prepare them for battle.
The Maraga bandits force the Benguanian to their limits but Robby’s troops are eager to defend their town. Blood and bodies scattered around the blame of Bengua. Many were injured of the attack but the Benguanian survived the unexpected attack of the Maraga bandits.

Robby was still in awe as he watches the dead bodies of the Maraga bandits. He couldn’t believe that finally, they defeated their long-time enemy. He washes in his family and Dexter and he saves the town of Bengua. Finally, the reign of Maraga group is over wipes and the people of Bengua and other towns are at peace.

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