HNP’s road to become a NP

HNP’s road to be a NP-the-spokensilence.com

“Hugpong ng Pagbabago” (faction for change) is setting plans to build a tower in Philipine Senate and to become a National party if this upcoming 2019 Senatorial Elections would allow them Victory.

The uproaring horns of candidates clashing this 2019 Senatorial Elections are reverberating. Re-electionist, former senators, and new senatoriables are now on their combats. Seems like they are heroes gearing in golden fleece, but I hope they won’t cause any trouble when they’re on their seats.

There are 62 auspicious campaigners who are revying for the 12 Senate seats. Imagine the scarcity of chances they’ve got but still re-electionists they’re willing to gamble for that throne.

This year we are bagging a history, as we had the highest number of Senatorial candidates since the 2010 polls. However, the 2019 Election seems to be more likely of an online battle arena. Where 62 heroes are being geared by online gamers to fight and to win a victory.

There are a total of nine political parties and several regional parties giving allies to every 9 National parties. Each parties consists of Senatorial Candidates whose battling to hook the public’s interests in their campaigns.

Out of that 9 national parties, only a few vocally announces opposition to the President. It is no secret how the Liberal party opposes every action taken by the Duterte’s administration. This week another party smashes negation towards The President’s ally party, The PDP- LABAN. It is like a cockpit arena fight on how these two parties clashes, The Otso derecho(lit eight straight) and PDP- LABAN.

There will always be a commotion between two opposing parties in Politics but what surprisingly amazes me is on how Duterte’s allied- team battles to survive a seat in the Senate and in Congress.

The man of steel, the President of the Republic of the Philippines, echoes “CHANGE ” all over the country as he introduces the candidates that would serve as his cadets as he formed a party of his own, the PDP- LABAN (Partido Demokratiko Pilipino- Lakas ng Bayan).

He made Koko Pimentel standing in the pedestal of his party with its allies Francis Tolentino, Zajid “dong” Mangudadatu, SAP Bong Go, and Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa.

Now clashing with this party to win a seat on the Senate was the Chairman of Duterte’s Coalition party the HNP (Hugpong ng Pagbabago), which is a regional party that Mayor Sara Duterte- Carpio founded last year along with five Davao City Governors.

This party now bags extreme interest to the public which gives the President’s “PDP-LABAN” party a huge threat.

The Davao City Mayor catches people’s attention for her brevity on claiming what she think is right and fighting for her people no matter what happens. Although there are some tittle tattle down the road, there is no backing up for her to depend his father’s reign and to make her party much stronger and bolder geared with the finest armours of popularity. Who knows? maybe of service.

HNP that is a regional party now, is setting boundaries to create a turret in the Senate or to even destroy the enemies territory that would smash them or that would alarm a threat, to her father’s administration like “Otso Deritso” and “liberal” party.

They’re even laying their hands to collide with other parties like NP, NPC, and NUP. This freshly-baked party straight from the “Carpio’s” kitchen hooked a spot that would lead them to victory.

Among its members are SAP Bong Go, Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa, Cynthia Villar, Pia Cayetano, Joseph Victor, JV Ejercito, Jinggoy Estrada, and Sonny Angara. These powerhouse heroes being geared by the HNP now serves threat on the table of some other allied parties of the Duterte’s Administration.

Some other political advisors tells that this hot carpet being enjoy by this party is a major spice to keep their flavors palatable to the eyeing public.

These are just a savory dish so that people will buy and eat them, how they tease their opponents whose dying to have a debate on them , how they confidently standout on campaigns, these are major strategies to have an ULT (ultimate skill). This would make them have a victory and would lead them to cross the road to become a National Party on 2025.

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