The Child in Us

When was the last time you cried?

The world keeps on turning and sometimes you feel like it turned its back on you. You are left alone with a broken heart and a lost soul. You are in the midst of nowhere – looking from afar without particular thoughts in mind. Being alone makes sense but it makes you lonely. You have a lot of questions but don’t know whom to ask. You are frustrated but don’t know how to say it. You are angry but don’t know whom to blame. You are full of emotions but don’t know which to deal first. Then, in the middle of the night you check yourself if you are still functioning. There are times that you feel there’s something wrong with you but you choose to avoid it. There are nights when you just don’t care what will happen tomorrow and you just let things go as they are without caring much of how they will affect you. You stop exerting effort because you feel everything is useless. You just accept what is there even though you know you deserve more. You know you are depressed but you have no one else to lean on. Then, you just cry… even oftentimes you don’t know why.

Your tears, the well-kept droplets inside you are ceaselessly pouring down. You try to stop them, but you know they are free. They do not need permission to be freed; they just fall whenever they wish. Human tears are sacred. They don not reflect weakness, rather power. These little raindrops are silent silver-tongues of happiness and sadness and all emotions that come in between. They are the embodiment of a courageous heart – a heart that never stops believing that it’ll heal on it’s own time. One must not be ashamed of her tears. You became more sorry, more aware of your fault and more thankful for the small blessings.

Give yourself the authority to be happy and free once more. You must take courage to let go of the things that hurt you. It’s fine, you’ve been strong for too long. Just because others are fine and you’re not, it doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to take a rest. You must give yourself some peace too. It’s okay to leave when you’re not happy anymore. It’s okay to walk alone and stop overthinking of the things that suffocate you. It’s okay to ignore the world sometimes. It’s okay to cry for the wrong choices, people and situations. Just because you’re an adult it doesn’t mean you’re being childish for crying. It’s okay to be a child sometimes. The fact remains that there is still a child in us who wants to be pampered, forgiven, loved and accepted.

Being stronger is about letting go. Sometimes you fail to realize that you are enough. You don’t have to hold onto things, people and situations. Set them free.

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