Her Darkest Night

Stormy nights always hunt her whenever heavy rain pours down in the wide green fields. Lightning and thunder seem taunting her like what happens in her past. Those scenarios are always fresh from her mind and soul.
Looking back from her past makes her eyes teary. Those nights are a nightmare and pure hell. She’ll never forget such experience in her entire life.
Blood and sweat are mix with rain and tears. Bones are aching with the grasp of hard hands. Her legs are wrap with the color of mud. Her scream echoes in the deep dark night like an animal gasping to save its breath. She could feel the pain in her thighs and whole body.
Her soul is weary, her mind is in doubt to tell herself that she can’t survive this night. She crashes and dumps in the middle of the field. No one could hear her voice, no one will ever save her in the shadow of death.
She tries to scream loudly, she tries to hold her breath but strength seems not in her side. Tears and pain never subside, continue to eat her whole as the rain never stop falling. She’s totally lost in her consciousness and ready to face death until a hand pulls her body from the ground. Her eyes could no longer bear the tears and her body’s totally weak and she fall asleep.
The reflection of lights in the window awakens her sleepy eyes. Pure white ceiling on the top catches her attention as her consciousness finally restores. She is lucky to survive that night, a night full of pain and fears. And as she watches the raindrops of the rain in the roof, she is bless for she is still alive. Those nights serve as a lesson that she’ll never forget. Those nights are the darkest.

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