Courage Love


Silence echoed along the way as Raven traveled his way home. The darkness of the night made him feel unpleasant. The moon was not perfect in shape and his shadow was hidden behind the darkness. Raven only felt the presence of cold moist wind that touched his pale skin.
He had this unusual feeling as he crossed the road to Lavirum. Something was wrong and something strange on this road. He continued walking but cautious about his actions. Raven drew his sword from his back slowly. “This is no good at all” at the back of his mind.

In a blink of an eye, Raven’s shoulder was pierced by a sword. His awareness was not enough and he was in pain. The cut was lightly deep and awful. Raven was more cautious now and his senses were awakened. A shadow behind him appeared and he swayed his sword fast in that direction hitting a possible target. This time Raven’s accuracy did not failed him. He killed some sort of assassin from a clan.
Raven knew this clan for a long time. He knew this group of ninja for he was one of them back from days when he was trained to assassinate the King’s daughter. He knew this day would come because he betrayed his own kin. Raven did not kill princess Ashly, the daughter of King Jester.
King Jester once helped the mother of Raven. He saved his mother from death when the bandits of Austorian attacked the village of Skyrow, the place of Raven’s family. Her mother told him this event and Raven swore to help the King one day. He was only ten years old when that incident happened. He was young and totally innocent at that time.

The Austorian pursuit to invade the Skyrow and they succeeded for the second time. Raven’s mother was captured from that attack. Many lives were taken and some were punished to be a slave. His mother was put into slavery and he was eager to save Arvenia, his mother.
Raven entered the clan of Yugimi. A clan of ninjas who kill and assassinate for the sake of money. He knew this wasn’t good but he’s willing to avenge her mother’s death. He trained for almost three years alongside with the other ninjas. Raven had mastered the use of sword and shuriken. He had mastered the way of killing and assassination. He served the clan for almost six years until a day came when he was given a task to kill the King’s daughter–Ashly. Raven hesitant to do this job for he owed his mother’s life from King Jester.
Raven saved Ashly’s life that night. He killed some of his fellow ninjas who were assigned to assassinate the princess. They escaped and ran from the Kingdom of Lavirum. Raven knew that his clan will not stop hunting Ashly so they traveled their way to his father’s hometown. They lived there for almost a year until the war between the Austorian and Lavirum ended.

The war was finally over and the Lavirum was victorious. Raven made his mind to send Ashly back to the King after a year of staying in his father’s hometown, Raven traveled back to Lavirum. Ashly was finally home with her father for a long time. King Jester rewarded Raven but he refused the King’s offer. He told him about his mother and the King remembered Arvenia. Raven traveled back to his father’s hometown and stayed there for two years until he married Ashly and lived in Lavirum.

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