Amendment of RA 10630?

The congress and senate amend the bill to lower the age of criminal liability. Eighteen is no longer the age that allows the authority to imprison the subject if he ever commits an act against the law whenever this bill will pass. Most of the lawmakers agreed to set the new standard with this matter and they decided to vote to lower the age of criminal liability to twelve years old.
A good move of the lawmakers? Probably not. If you find a basis for these children aged twelve years old, they are not that matured enough. Their minds are young and vulnerable. They are still dependent on their parents and they can’t make with their own.
The sad part of the approval of the bill is that children with no family are prone to this matter. The absence of guidance of the parents to these children will push them to do whatever they want. As a result, these children are free to do anything under the sun.
With a lack of guidance and the presence of poverty, these children are forced to do an unlawful act in order for them to survive every day. No shelter, no food, no guidance, and no education.So what would you expect to these young people in order for them to survive everyday?
They steal to satisfy their hunger. They steal for the sake of food. They steal to survive. They steal to live in this unfair game of life. Most of the case of these children who partake in the unlawful act is stealing. Why? Because they want to fill or satisfy their empty stomach.
I know the lawmakers have good intention with this type of law. They want to stop the increasing case of crime especially children are involved with this matter. Children are just victims of this law because syndicates use them for their business.
The government should then provide a project for this problem. The young people are too vulnerable and dependent. They are just a victim of instances,broken families, poverty, and they are not criminals.

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