The Other Side

Dear Humans,

I am writing this letter with tears. I am using the power of words to wake you up. I write to express my defense against your claim of me being the root of all evil. I’ve kept quiet for a long time with the hope that you’ll realize the wrongs in your life. Throughout the years, I’ve been blamed for your miseries – the result of serving me as you say. I was surprised to know that I am your master. Well, I find this ridiculous! I am just a piece of paper! I don’t have any power to either control or capture you. Remember, you made me out of your necessity to buy things with monetary value. With that, I am supposed to be of help to you; but why am I being used to serve for evil purposes?

Records have shown how you betrayed your friends, traded your soul, stained your hands and violated laws just to have me. I did not tell you to do those things. I am just there in the bank passively waiting to be taken out to help you. Yes, I can give you everything you want; but I am not everything. I can’t give you absolute happiness for I should not be your happiness. Before you sacrifice everything for the sake of my name, think first of what is at stake. You can offer your life for me but I will never do the same for you. You are blinded of the world’s riches that you forgot that you are more precious than anything else. You don’t have to own me – everything of me to be rich. You just have to make valuable and purposeful something out of me to meet your needs.

I’ve witnessed how lives were torn, friendships were broken and marriages were shattered. Am I the foundation of your existence? Humans, I know how vulnerable you are; but do not make this as an excuse of your wrongdoings. Stop blaming me of the outcomes of your choices. Your life is your own responsibility. You should not hold others accountable for it. I have given you the best I can but you remain discontented. When you have less, you want more and when you have more, you want much. Therefore I say, I am not the root of all evil. It’s all HUMAN GREED.

Wake up humans! Should you change or should I disappear?

You choose.

Best regards,

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