Distant Memories

How can I utter the right words
when sadness is all I ever feel?
Shall I let you feel the pain within
or keep it until it’s healed?

How can I call it a special moment
when it’ll forbid me to see your faces?
Shall I keep you in my memory lane
or free you from the bondage of yearnings?

My tears have slept for a thousand years
until that most awaited day finally came.
Little raindrops kept pouring down
and continued to flood my empty heart.

Words are now finally uncloaked
from the chain of my thoughts.
I’m neither baffled nor regretful,
just being nostalgic and grateful.

I’ll always remember you all
through sunny days and rainy nights.
Partings are painful, yes they are
but none can surmount ours.

Forgive my inefficiency in spoken language
mine is just artistry on writing arena.
Days spent with you were like my darkness –
crazy yet beautiful, ordinary yet indescribable.

Few moments of spending our limited time
but shared laughter made them all worthwhile.
How I wish I could hear them more often
for they’ve become sweet melodies to my ears.

My friends, the universe will keep on unfolding
yet in the midst of our musings and travels
are the adored memories of our special bond,
strengthened by the test of time!

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