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Political Ads

Political advertisements hook the eyes of the viewers nowadays. Politicians use this advertisement to capture the mass’ attention. If your ads are convincing in the eyes of many, the better. Most of the ads illustrate platforms, achievements, and promises.
Most politicians use celebrities for better impact in the eye of the viewers. The viewers surely notice the presence of these celebrities on the television. People are hook by this strategy especially when the campaign period starts.
We Filipinos cannot deny this fact that we only vote the candidates whose political advertisement catches our taste. By means of using celebrities, the ads provoke more attention. Most of the voters depend their choice on what they see on the television.
Looks and charisma also matter in the eyes of the people. The good looking you are, the more likely you attract voters nowadays.
Other politicians use businessman to promote their candidacy. Having a big name in a certain business industry gives you higher chances of getting more votes of the public. Politicians pursue the people hard to get more votes in the election.
No wonder they spent huge amount of money for this ads. They are willing to take risk by spending money with their campaign ads.
Have you ever imagine why they do this? Simply, that money they spent in the campaign period will surely be back when they win in the election.

So on this coming 2019 election, choose the individuals that are truly capable of doing things for the common good of all. Choose wisely!

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