Is There a Real UNDERWORLD?

Each day is one step closer towards the great end.

Death is a bar we have to cross but we do not usually cross that bar out of reason. We do not usually know when will it come and poison us all. No one knows when will He die. No one can ever prepare his own burial, design his own casket, and plan a menu for his own funeral. You can’t freakin’ condole for your own self.

When and where will you die? Do you have just a clue? Does hell truly exist? questions that are answerable but still lacking enough proof or shreds of evidence.

There are two descriptions of hell in the Bible, the first one is in the book of Mark 9:43-48 Jesus describes hell as “the fire that shall never be quenched”. The second is in the book of Mathew 8:12 hell is described as the “outer darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth”. This book also describe hell as “the everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels”.

On the other hand, if we try to look at it, we don’t even have a clear description of how true biblical statements are, do we have proofs?

Let’s talk about the Papal’s view about hell. In a private interview that was scheduled last year around March, a well- famous journalist had an interview with Pope Francis. He asked about, Where do bad souls go and where are they being punished? What an intelligent question.

Controversy erupted in the Vatican with reports of the Pope denying the existence of hell. The head of Catholicism uproaring negations to what the bible states is an intriguing threat that maybe, verses from the bible can be somewhat misleading the humans. Who knows? Although the Vatican has denied this controversy immediately, saying that the Catholic Church doctrine affirms the existence of hell and its eternity and later on added that “the pope was just apparently exploring the imagery of hell, fire, and brimstone and all of that.”

Not mentioning that the well-known Italian journalist is an avowed atheist. What clearly fascinates me was this man strongly and bravely stating the Pope’s answer to his question.

“Souls are not punished, those who repent haveobtain God’s forgiveness and go among the ranks of those who contemplate him, but those who do not repent and cannot be forgiven, disappear. There is no hell- there is the disappearance of sinful souls.” (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) in an interview.

Here’s another thought, ” I even asked a priest, and he dictates “the creed” as he makes fierce gestures and looks me in the eyes with his authoritative glance. I have also asked a drunkard who never goes to church, and I was astonished on the argument he brought he said, “if you don’t believe that there’s hell, you shouldn’t also believe there’s heaven, and that would be impossible because once every week there are millions of people kneeling and praying for a life everlasting with that, they’re actually thinking of heaven, that’s why I will say to you I believe there’s hell.”

This statement gives a big question on our heads and has a lot of interpretations. However, the Vatican strongly negates the journalist’s statements and interpretation saying that it had not been an interview but a private meeting in an occasion of Easter and the journalist’s article “is just a fruit of his reconstruction”.

The Pope’s statement opened a lot of confusion that lethally influences how we view the existence of Hell or do we really even care if it does exist. In an interview, I asked some respondents from different ages. I asked the same question as what the Italian journalist asked Pope Francis. Majority answers for “yes” they believe there’s hell.

How do humans view hell? The Humanist views are skeptical, giving the fact that the Philippines has a majority of Roman Catholics. However their reasons are somehow exceptional, one said that “because that is what the bible state,” another one said that, “because that’s it! And we believe in God”. A missionary nun once said, “the doctrine say so, the word of God is much more powerful over any speculations.

Cleaning both sides of the argument in a clearer sense, the perception of Heaven and of Hell are both state of mind. Only our minds can experience bliss or anguish and could doubt they exist.

Whether we agree about the hell’s existence or not, whether Pope Francis did ever say that hell does not exist, what matters most is that each one of us does believe in the existence of God.

We are holding and dying each day for our own doctrines regardless of what is at stake. Positive or negative; towards the light or towards darkness; faith or falsehood; truth or big lies. We are created equal, We are unique, there is someone higher who made us and the place where we duel with, He is supreme. We owe everything to what we believe in.

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