Self Realizations

Encrypted Brevity

Sitting around the dusty corner
my fingers are tightly crossed.
Beaming with the ardent desire
of a simple wish longed to be fulfilled.

Those days have been my darkest of darkest –
so gloomy, full of monochromatic raindrops.
Should heaven hear my thoughts
it will surely feel odd and baffled.

“Look at that lady hopefully waiting.
She acts so strange, ridiculous.
See how a woman so impatient
patiently waits without assurance.”

Gradually, a sign of fulfillment shines
filling my soul with thorough excitement.
From afar, I see it coming  so fast
and my heart is jumping with so much joy.

When it came nearer, everything went blurred
producing a sullen and saddest feeling.
It quickly disappeared, leaving the bluest melody,
I am lost again in the world of emptiness.

Gone is the happiness built within
as my imaginative thought fell asleep.
Everything was a product of eclectic musing,
things will never be sweeter anymore.

I’ve been into the deep chasm of loneliness
but nothing is lonelier than surrendering.
Time will just pass but would not stay
thereupon forbidding me to savor a glimpse.

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