Only a memory

She’s unconscious in her bed
The face of her Dad turned into red
Her mother was near the door
Waiting for the Doctor.

An unwanted statement revealed
Both don’t know if it was for real
She lost her memory
The parents felt sorry.

The man of her life came
Speechless and don’t know who to blame
He tried to hide the tears from his eyes
And wrapped his heart with ice.

He left the room without a word
With a heart cut by a sword
He ran away from reality
And built his own fantasy.

Then one day, the girl recovered
But suddenly shocked at what she hadheard
The man of her life was gone
She thought he was the right one.

Her love for the man was now a memory
And does end in a happy ending story
But she was glad about it
For she knew that she does not deserve it.

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