The nefarious deeds of one’s heart shall perish with the light of hope. Wicked ways penetrates in the shadow of darkness yet light of dawn simply touches its mark sharply. A sinful act harms the soul but the presence of luminous lights overcomes darkness.
The blackness of the night envelopes as the sun rest but the stars above the sky still shine when midnight falls.
We, humans, have dim sides that overpower us whenever desolation strikes. The feeling is devastating at one side yet we choose to stay on our ground hoping for better days to come. Frustration may swallow us whole but if we endure such dilemma, those negative sides vanish as it strengthens our character.
Darkness may seem awful but lights travel fast in the presence of hope. Nights may take too long but lights reassure us when daylight comes. Don’t be blinded by the shadow then and remember the presence of light around you–for darkness has no room if lights live within you.

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