He began his journey at seventeen
At the young age, he met his queen
Young love started to grow
As the sky cried a snow.

He abducted the princess in the castle
As the cold wind whistled
He took away the king’s daughter
Unaware of the king’s anger.

The princess’ heart was captured by the abductor
But she’s unsure about their future
She fell inlove with a stranger
Who came out from nowhere.

The kings’ army was ready for the order
Waiting for the signal of the leader
Their mission was to bring back the princess
And put abductor’s life into a mess.

The abductor was caught by a trap
In a sudden, he was in nap
He tried to escape and ran
But he was hit by an arrow under the sun.

Now the princess came and cried
But the abductor was already dead
Her plea for the king was too late
Now her mourning was so great.

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