Road to Intimacy

In this pages lies the blueprint
of mixed old and new memories
dazzled with the finest gems of ages
glamoured with the oozing vibrancy of success.

Our journey into the gateway
where wild dream and fantasy stay
remember you and I, in a hurry
like a dragon burning in fury.

In this castle lies the traces
of authentic and aristocrat rendezvous
myrtled with the majestic smile of a queen
fiercer than the pungent stance of a King.

We walked into the corridor
where we tickle each freckle, we adore
remember you and me, we are sure
of the depth, this love could endure.

Oh! This one cold starry, starry night
reflects you and I, in a mirage sight
We’re kissing passionately in a flight
driving to the endless road only true lovers might.

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