Self Realizations

The Strangled

I once traveled alone, seeking for something no one will find. I never got tired,

though restless my feet were still vigorous.

I was young-an emergent entity bestowed with the gift of curiosity…

’til there was her.

No one can ever stopped her from interfering. She kept on haunting me,

from emptiness to fulfillment.

She was there in the narrowest corner, penetrating, keeping an eye on me.

I stood in the midst of the crowd hoping that I can run away from her eyes.

Unfamiliar faces brought uncertainty, snatching my little hope to be home. I’ve met the warmth of summer breeze and danced with the rhythm of the rain,

 but that did not mend my longing.

I then knew that I became an endless traveler, once alone

but now accompanied by unwelcome being.

Yes, she’s still with me, forever with me.

Her smile, flashing like a thunderbolt beguiled the moments meant for me.

“I once traveled alone,” I said

until her hand held mine.

“But now you’re not alone,” she said

and that broke my faith to be home.

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