Eccentric Jest

My heart keeps on beating fast

as I catch a glimpse of your countenance.

This odd feeling will never last

for your presence is never a nuisance.

You don’t own bewitching smiles

nor an exceptional wit that beguiles.

You’re not even a man who is sought after,

just a man who loves boisterous laughter.

Whenever you smile, everybody frowns;

they say you really look like a clown.

Someone who patronizes a weird look

and whose empty head is as flat as a book.

But everytime I set my eyes on you,

my world is filled with different hues.

My life turns into a glorious work of art

as you bring utmost happiness into my heart.

Your words linger through my mind,

oh no, you’re really one of a kind!

Every sorrow that comes into my way

you take it away with a simple, “Hey!”

Oh! What’s the matter with me?

How come that I am in glee?

Please don’t tell me I’m in love, it’s a feeling I never used to have

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