Condoms for Free?

How amazing condoms are given free nowadays. Should we appreciate this? Should we consider this as a good move of the Government? Some would say this is good to stop the growing population of the country. Others would contradict such actions for it allows everyone to emerge into sex even they’re not in the right age and not properly in the position– the absence of marriage.

Not everyone will understand the effect of this with regards to the situational basis. The young ones are vulnerable for this matter; it will sink into their minds that it’s okay to have sex as long as they’re using condoms, it’s okay as long as they have protection against pregnancy. Seeing such advertisements promoting the use of a condom makes them wonder especially young people. Their young and innocent minds apprehend what they saw and they imitate such deed without any doubt in their minds.

Promoting the use of condom probably has a more negative impact on society. Yes, it has a good purpose to stop the growing population but it also promotes pre marital sex to the young ones due to lack of knowledge about sex and pregnancy. When they air the giving of free condoms in the television /media more numbers of the young people engage in sex. This proves the increasing case of people having HIV or AIDS.

Most of the patient having such situations engage in multiple partners. The sad part of this scenario is that the Government still tolerate and promote the use of condoms, it’s just like having sex is okay and not a sinful act especially to the unmarried.

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