How Can You Express What You Can’t?

“Thoughts… second thoughts… re-think and draft up thoughts… delete firsthand thoughts… summarize them and take a deep breath… pause for a while… breathe in and out… finally… Give up! “

This is the usual nutshell of some youths who sees self expression as a shameful deed. Not everyone can say this and that, not everyone can express his or her thoughts, whose to be blame? It’s not definitely oneself. I’ll tell you “that is not a big deal!” But “learn to say what you feel”

It’s hard to express what you can’t but it’s even harder to live inside a box that you made just for yourself. Regret for not showing off your thoughts to the world is lethal. It’s like a poison to develop Isolation.

There are some people who wanted to be isolated from the world, those people who would rather grab a phone and fuck up things on their minds. It’s totally a heaven for them to just stay roughly on their beds, thinking linearly. Never thinking what lies ahead outside their own comforts. They live just for “living” itself. We can call them the “social phobic” they fear being involve to others because they’re Independent. They live life for a routine, eat:work:sleep

There are also these so-called “socially friendly” people. Those who can bend their mouths and smile for hours meeting others. They view life as a social interference because they are dependently relying in others. “No man is an island”. No one can live without other people because it is essential to work well with others in order to grow. These people live life in a way that is positively alluring, “All work and No play makes John a dull boy.”

Who can say that one is greater than the other? No one. We are entitled of living our own life itself. The only thing that we could do at least is to live a life with a purpose. How can we serve our own purpose if we lack intrapersonal skills?

Living for oneself is okay but we can try to be involve in such a bulk of someone else’s lives not to influence them on what we want life to be viewed but to be influenced on how they view life, enforcing one’s view is not healthy but trying to incorporate or merge your thinking into what other’s perceive life itself is indeed helpful generally. Let’s all strive to survive living to express what we want, who we are, and what we want the world to be. We must also try to appreciate what we hear from other’s, in that way self-expression can be just a piece of cake and people can easily communicate effectively.

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